Essay Editing

English essay correcting, editing and proofreading… novel, manuscript, essay editing at great rates

We offer British or foreign students an “essay editing” and proofreading service, and can edit a 10k word essay for as little as $30, (£20) and offer good turnaround times.

If you have written an essay for school or college and need it corrected, we can help. We can also offer to ‘hint’ and problems so that it does not look like you had your essay professionally edited.

If you are a foreign student, but studying English, then we can assist with interactive English language study programmes. We will correct your essay, but also offer advice, and can assist foreign students and others with BUSINESS ENGLISH – the correcting of your proposals and documents.


Next step is to let us know how long your essay is, how many words, and to send us a sample. We will then offer you a firm quote.


English essay marking

We offer an English essay marking service, and at great rates, bulk discount. Ask for details.



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